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Marcus' Site
- Home of the VMU Assembler, emulator and lots of technical info.

John's Site
- Home of the Disassembler, and lots more info.

- Demo and game developers

- Useful message boards, plus DC Animator, and saved games.

VMU-Dev mailing list - A much more technical stance than Booyaka!

DC Emulation
- Great resource for free retro stuff to run on your Dreamcast :-)

Download VM -a- Sketch to your VM!

Slight site redesign 10/6/00:
Added index to faq

Updated devkit to V1.8

Added experimental version of VMUX

(Finally) added DOS version of EasyDiff

The site has now moved to it's new home!

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23rd March 2001
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Welcome to the RAMTronics vmu development website. Here you can find out information about RAMTronics Software's effort to produce software for the Sega Dreamcast's Visual Memory unit.

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A selection of mad utterings from anybody who felt like saying something!
  • My VM is also a .... Richard Munn Investigates the new range of Visual memory compatible devices comming soon...
FAQ The (unofficial) VMU FAQ - This is an attempt to answer all the questions you might have about your VM, such as where you can get minigames, and how you can make your own.

The official index to the unofficial vmu faq - An alphabetical index to the FAQ

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BETA BETA VMU downloads - VMS rom files and source provided for testing and educational purposes.
[ARCHIVE] Software:
Development software available for you to download.
Currently available:
  • Amiga VMU Devkit - Make your own VM minigames on your Amiga!
  • DreamImage - Convert images saved by DreamKey to something your computer can display.
  • Easydiff - A simple tool to help save file editing.
  • VMUX - Tools for converting .dci files into .vmi/.vms files, and vice verca.
Directory VM Development directory - This is a large collection of links to all the various resources available to you regards to developing software for the VM.
Look! VMS-ectomy - The innards of a VM.
Look! Japanese VM Help - The menu text of a UK English VMU - take a look at this if you've got an imported Japanese VMS and you don't understand the menus!
Chao Adventure tips - Information to help you play the Sonic Adventure minigame
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