MY VM is also a ....
After the news that Swatch are planning a Dreamcast VM compatible watch so you can carry your saves on your wrist, and the possibility of a VM that can play MP3 music downloaded from the internet, Richard Munn brings you an insight into the possible future of the Dreamcast's Visual Memory.
Following the Japanese obsession for ultra tiny gadgets, comes the Visual Phone Unit. No bigger than a standard memory card, this little beauty also doubles up as a cellphone, allowing you to phone a friend for help during the most exciting moments of Dreamcast gaming (sadly, due to continued network problems, it won't actually allow you to play against a friend).
Shortly after the announcement by one Swiss company of a Dreamcast gadget, did the world's best trained army announce their support with the Visual Army Knife Unit. Capable of holding a standard 200 blocks of game saves, it also comes in handy when you quickly need to get a bottle of wine open, or find an urge to remove stones from a horse's shoe.
And finally, after an all night Dreamcast gaming session, when you realise that its actually Eight in the morning, and you should probably think about getting ready to go to work, the Visual Shaving Unit comes in handy. You don't need to pause your gameplay, as this Vibration pack compatible gizmo will allow you to remove all your facial bristles during play!
- Richard Munn, 28th February 2000.

All items mentioned in this article (bar the ones that really do exist) are the fictional imaginings of a man who worries about the medical probabilities of turning into a grapefruit on a full moon. Any attempts to order such products are likely to result in a large amount of laughter and ridicule.

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