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The files supplied on this page are work in progress snapshots of projects that are being worked upon by RAMTronics Software.

They are provided as a raw binary form and so cannot be loaded into a Visual memory unit from the Dreamcast console - they are only suitable for running in an emulator, such as Marcus' SoftVMS.

VM -a- Sketch Beta V1.4 - An Etch-a-sketch simulator for the VM!
This is based upon code from John's VM Gong game (the plotxy routine) and sections of Marcus's Tetris code.

Download sketch.s (source code)

NEW! Download to your VM!

Updated: 14th February 2000


  • v1.0
    - First beta release - on and within the Amiga VMU Devkit release 1.2
  • v1.1
    - Adjusted delay so that it runs at a better speed in SoftVMS v1.6
  • v1.2
    - The "draw spot" is now white when moving, to make it easier to find, and to add some realism!
  • v1.3
    - adjusted header title to the correct 32 characters
    - changed clock speed to Marcus' suggestion to save power
    - adjusted code to allow for diagonal movement (hopefully!)
  • v1.4
    - diagonal movement really works now!
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