[ARCHIVE] Amiga VMU Devkit Release 1.8 (266k) - 14/6/2000 - This is a complete development system to allow you to create and run your own minigames for the Sega Dreamcast's Visual Memory system on your Amiga. The pack includes an assembler (aslc86k) an emulator (softvms) a disassembler (lcdis) along with other useful support tools.

SoftVMS running
Marcus' Tiny Tetris
Files Included:

  • SoftVMS v1.8
  • Aslc86k v1.9
  • LCDis v1.03
  • VMU (3/3/2000 release)
  • Joypad program that lets you use a CD32 joypad for VM games.
  • Intelligent scripts for launching SoftVMS from Workbench. (Which autodetect between .VMI/.VMS files and react accordingly.)
  • PPaint Macros for creating VM graphics and icon data.
  • Example .VMS files.
  • Example assembly source.
  • OS3.5 colour icons, newicons, old (4 colour) icons and MagicWB icons for VM files.
  • Automatic installer script
These all require at least Workbench 2.04 and do not require any non-standard libraries. The PPaint macros require at least PPaint version 7 (which you can now download for free from Aminet!).
DreamImage Version 1.01 - A converter tool that can take an image saved by the Dreamcast's DreamKey browser which has been transfered via a nexus card to produce an PC viewable image.

Easydiff Version 1.01 - This is a simple little tool useful for save file editing, which takes two or more files as input and displays all the locations within the files where there are differences.

VMUX Release 1.0 - 23/6/2000 - This is a pair of programs designed to convert a .dci file into a .vmi/.vms pair for use on the web, and to convert a .vmi/.vms pair obtained from the web into a .dci file.

The major difference between these tools and others available is that they work in a fully automatic manner. The user can just supply the input filename and the program does all the rest without having to prompt the user for information, such as whether it's a game or data file, and what the filename should be. However, the user can control the output filename if they wish (the program chooses a sensible output filename if none is specified)


  • dci2vmx V1.0 - inputs a .dci file and creates a .vmi and a .vms file
  • vmx2dci V1.0 - inputs a .vmi file, and creates a .dci file (from the header info in the .vmi file, along with the actual data contained in the .vms file which must be present!)

This is currently at an experimental beta stage, and I cannot guarantee stability, so I am not currently distributing executables (it's up to you to compile it yourself!)

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