Japanese VM help
There seem to be quite a few people around who have ended up with imported Japanese VMS instead of English / US ones. This is a quick guide to the menus on a UK english VMU, which hopefully might help those with a japanese one to work out what the menus say.

>      I have a VMS, cause I couldn't find the VMU, so i had to settle for the
> import. Well, now I'm stuck with menus in Japanese. I asked the person in
> the store about it, and they said it is possible to chenge the language
> settings to English. Any idea how to do this? Please reply with an answer to
> this "dilemma". or something
I've got a UK English VMU, and as far as I can tell, it has no language option whatsoever.

However, I'll go through what all the menu text says on mine, so hopefully you'll be able to work out what the jap text on yours means, and if you have an extra menu option that I don't mention, it might be the language change option.

You select modes by pressing the mode button (the right hand small button) and pressing A when the right icon is flashing.

File mode (small notepad icon at the bottom)

When first selected you see

Free xxx
Game xxx

This shows how many blocks you can save onto your card, the top number is how many are available for game saves, and the second number is how much space for VM mini-games (remember that a game can only be a maximum of 128 blocks in size, and you can only store one mini-game at a time)

After a moment, the screen changes to something like this:

No 001/003      <- this is the number of the save file, and how many files there are in total
SONICADV        <- the name of the save file (over 2 lines), here from Sonic Adventure
12/29/99        <- the date which the file was last saved.

Pressing up/down selects from the available saved files.
Pressing left returns to the free space screen
Pressing right goes to the file info screen, like so:

MAIN_SAV        <- description of the save file again spread over 2 lines
     010        <- how many blocks the file occupies
DATA   >        <- The type of file, either DATA for a game save or GAME for a minigame.

Pressing left returns you to the previous screen (the file list)
Pressing right takes you to the file transfer screen, like so:

* Copy
* Delete
Here you press up/down to move the highlighted cursor between Copy and Delete, and then press the A button to perform the action (to copy, you must plug two VMs together) or B to go back to the previous screen.

Game mode (playing card icon)

This mode changes depending on what minigame you download. The language of the minigame is dependant on the actual game, so any games downloaded from english language games or websites will read in english on your VM.

The time / date screen (clock icon at the bottom)

I assume when you pulled out the little tab over the battery on the back of your VM, that it went BEEP and propted you to input the time and date. I don't know what this looks like in japanese, but here is the procedure in english.

When on the time screen, press left + A at the same time. This takes you to a screen like


Yes   No

Pressing left/right chooses between yes and no, the A button selects, and the B button returns to the clock screen.

If you select Yes, you should see a choose year screen like this:


Pressing up/down changes the year, and A sets it.

Then you get the date,

30 DEC

First you set the month, press A, then set the day, in the same way as the year

Next you set the time, hours first, then minutes (the uk VM uses a 24h clock)

Finally you're asked to verify that the time is right, with another yes / no selector.

Once the time is set you get asked to choose what animation you want to see on the clock screen, I can choose between Bird, Dog and Fish, by pressing up/down, and selecting with A. You should be then back at the time screen. Pressing A shows the date, and B shows the time, and the chosen anim.

I hope this helps!


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