The VM Development Directory
Last changed: 23rd June 2000
VM info and chat:
Sites that offer general VM related information.
VM game developers and devtools:
Sites of people actively developing software.
Link sites:
Links to the numerous sites that list and review the available VM games and saves.

Key to what these sites offer:
News= has VM related news stories
Cheat = has game tips and cheats
Game = has VM games to download
Save = has game save files to download
Hiscore = has hiscore tables
Review = has reviews
Exclusive = has games or saves that are exclusive to the site
Linked = has links to games and saves on other sites

Sites (in no real order)
  • Sega Dreamcast VMU Centre
  • VMU Otaku
  • *
  • VM:UK (currently offline)
  • Dreamside (french)

    FAQs and tutorials:
    If you need help, look here!
    Development links:
    • from marcus' site:
    • from john's site:
    • from soren's site:
    • from booyaka:
      • LCD file format - A Description of the format of .LCD files (used by dream animator)
      • Control file format - Description of the Control file format for booyaka's animator
    Dev Tools:
    • Tools currently available:
      • Aslc86k - an assembler that can create code for the VM by Marcus Comstedt
      • DCI converters - tools to convert files to/from Nexus memory card format by Alessandro Sanasi (only available for MSDos based machines)
      • Dcmtools - tools for copying files to/from a nexus card by Marcus Comstedt
      • Dream Animator - an Windows based .LCD file creator for use with booyaka's DC animator service
      • LCDis - a disassembler (turns .VMS files back into source code) by John Maushammer
      • LIME - a compiled (basic like) language for making VM software! by Roger O'Conner. Supplied as a TCL script, so works on most systems
      • SoftVMS - an emulator that lets you run VM games on your computer by Marcus Comstedt
      • VMU Animator - another .LCD creator - much better than Dream Animator! (also for Windows)
      • VMU tool - a tool to help you create .VMI files and to extract information from them by VirtuaMUnstaz
      • VMUX - a pair of programs designed to convert a .vmi/.vms pair into a .dci file for a Nexus, or a .dci file into a .vmi/.vms pair by Richard Munn. Currently in experimental stage, so only source is available at this time.
    • Source Code
    • For Linux
      • Linux users can compile from the source code to create versions suitable for their setup. Aslc86k, LCDis and Vmu run as terminal applications, lime runs through the TCL interpreter, and SoftVMS runs under X Windows.
    • For DOS / Windows
    • For Amiga
      • latest versions of the binaries (just the executables but nothing else)
      • Amiga VMU Devkit (includes Amiga versions of SoftVMS, Aslc86k, LCDis and the VMU tool, plus PPaint scripts for generating graphic code, AmigaGuide documentation and other useful support utilities. In short, it's virtually everything you'll need to develop VM stuff on an Amiga!)
      • Dcmtools
      • LIME seems to work using a somewhat huge Geek Gadgets install (see - I'll look into getting it running in a slimline form!
    • For Mac
    • For Solaris x86
      • Most tools should compile happily from the source (as per Linux)
      • Dcmtools
      • VMU tool
    • Online tools
      • VMU tool - the same basic program as the one you can run directly on your own computer, but with a nice web based front end.
    This list is by no means complete! If you know of any software or links that I haven't included here then please email me the url and a quick description (such as "homepage for the cray supercomputer port of softvms")

    - Richard Munn, 28th of March 2000

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